DNA Evidence in Criminal and Military Cases

In this video, Attorney Patrick Korody, former Navy JAG who currently practices criminal defense and military defense, discusses how DNA Evidence is used in criminal and military cases.  DNA evidence is often admitted during state, federal, and military trials to prove crimes were committed by the defendant.  DNA evidence has been a very large part of the military’s effort to prosecute sexual assault offenses under the UCMJ and the state and federal effort to prosecute firearm offenses.  

DNA evidence in sexual assault and rape cases is most often used to prove that the defendant’s DNA is on or in the victim’s body.  This DNA evidence is used to prove identity, to impeach a defendant’s statements (normally during an interrogation), that he or she never touched or engaged in sexual activity with the alleged victim, or to show that penetration occurred (by showing that DNA was inside the cervix.

DNA evidence in firearm offenses is most often used to prove that the defendant handled (or possessed the firearm).

If you have been charged with an offense under the UCMJ or state or federal charge where DNA is at issue, you need an experienced defense attorney.  Mr. Korody has more than 15 years experience handling cases with DNA evidence and knows how to attack the collection, testing, and interpretive processes.   Call him now for a free case evaluation at (904) 383-7261.

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