Pensacola Security Clearance Lawyer

Korody Law represents federal employees, military members, and federal contractors facing security clearance denials and revocations in and around Pensacola, Florida.  Mr. Korody spend 3 years stationed at NAS Pensacola while on active duty as a Navy JAG is uniquely familiar with the local military industrial complex.  Mr. Korody is Florida’s premier Security Clearance Lawyer, […]

Positive Military Drug Test Guide

Every day, thousands of members of the military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and even the Coast Guard) provide urine samples to be tested for drugs by military drug laboratories.   Many military drug tests come back positive. A few weeks after the test is given, the member is normally notified of the positive […]

Officer CourtMartial (Court-Martial) Defense Lawyer

Officer Court-Martial Defense Officers are treated differently by the military justice system.  An officer court-martial is fundamentally different than a court-martial for an enlisted person.  The Manual for Courts-Martial (the MCM) has dozens of provisions that separate officers from enlisted.  The treatment stems from the historical difference in rank – basically the military’s “class” system. […]

Other Than Honorable Discharge – Hire a REAL Lawyer!

If you are facing an Other Than Honorable administrative separation, make sure you have an experienced lawyer. I write about this topic too much, but I get so many phone calls about it I feel the need to scream it on every military base around the globe!  If you are facing an administrative separation with […]

When Should I Hire a Lawyer if I Tested Positive for Drugs?

Your bottle of urine just tested positive at a military drug lab for cocaine.  You were just read your rights and asked to make a statement about the positive drug test.  What do you do? Most Sailors (Navy), Soldiers (Army), Marines, Airman (Air Force), and members of the Coast Guard have one of two responses […]

Tampa Bay Security Clearance Hearing Attorney

Korody Law represents federal employees, military members, and federal contractors facing security clearance denials and revocations in and around Tampa Bay, Florida.  Mr. Korody is Florida’s premier Security Clearance Lawyer, having successfully defended federal employees and federal (DoD) contractors across the State of Florida before Department of Defense, Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA) […]

Court Martial Advocacy: Trying The Military Case, 2016-2017 ed

“The author and publisher welcome the addition of new co-author Patrick K. Korody. Mr. Korody spent ten years on active duty in the Navy JAG Corps and still serves as a reserve judge advocate. He was selected as the most junior member of the Navy’s prestigious Military Justice Litigation Career Track in 2009. Mr. Korody […]

Fighting Military Protective Orders

I recently filed a Motion in a Court-Martial asking for the military judge to terminate a Military Protective Order and grant relief because a commander unlawfully issued a Military Protective Order to one of his Marines.  When the commander testified at the hearing, he stated that the Military Protective Order (or MPO) was issued as […]

When an administrative separation board goes bad.

I routinely get calls from former members of the Navy, Marine Corps, and Army who have been involuntary separated after an administrative separation (ADSEP) board, or “Chapter” in the Army.  Most were discharged with an Other Than Honorable (OTH) characterization of service.  All want to know if they can get their discharge upgraded and get […]

Saving military careers, one sailor at a time

Originally published on Experienced Attorney and Navy JAG Veteran, Patrick Korody, Represents Members of the Military Facing Involuntary Administrative Separation (ADSEP)   Jacksonville, Florida (August 15, 2016) – Though they get a free military attorney, many Sailors, Marines, and Coastguardsmen in the Jacksonville, FL area are turning to local attorney and Navy veteran Patrick […]