Navy Appeal Timelines


There are numerous avenues for the Navy to take adverse actions against its members - officer and enlisted. These include adverse evaluations, non-judicial punishment (NJP), substantiated violations of Equal Opportunity (EO) regulations such as sexual harassment, detachment for cause (DFC), and show cause/administrative separation.

In the case of most adverse actions taken against members of the Navy, the member has the opportunity to excercise due process (appeal).  In some cases, such as enlisted members with more than 6 years service or officers with more than 6 years commissioned service, the member can elect a formal hearing (board of inquiry or administrative separation board).  In most cases, the member can only submit a written rebuttal.

Any adverse action will negatively impact a member’s career and may result in involuntary separation.

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What are the timelines for a Navy appeal?

In the below table, Korody Law attorney Patrick “Cade” Spivey outlines the appeal timelines for many adverse actions in the U.S. Navy.  You should always look at the reference to make sure it is still current.

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