Korody Law, PA
Decades of Military Experience

Patrick Korody, Founder and Managing Director

Patrick Korody founded Korody Law in 2015 after serving 10 years on active duty in the Navy JAG Corps.  He has nearly 20 years experience practicing criminal defense and military law.

Matthew Thomas, Of Counsel

Matthew Thomas is an experienced military defense attorney who served as a Marine Corps judge advocate.  In 2021, he earned honors as the United States Marine Corps Defense Counsel of the Year.  Mr. Thomas became “of counsel” to Korody Law after leaving active duty in 2022.

Jason Ayeroff, Of Counsel

Jason Ayeroff retired from the Navy JAG Corps after more than 20 years of service.  During his service, he served as the principal legal advisor to 8 Flag Officers.  He also oversaw the administration of military justice (courts-martial, non-judicial punishment) and administrative separations (including all Boards of Inquiry) during tours in Hawaii and Navy Region Southeast.

Robert Crow, Of Counsel

Robert Crow retired from the Navy JAG Corps after more than 25 years of service at the rank of Captain.  During his service, he served as the principal legal advisor for a Carrier Strike Group, a Circuit Military Judge, and the Director of the Office of the Judge Advocate General Criminal Law Division (Code 20).  He also oversaw served as the Navy’s senior prosecutor and as an instructor at the Naval Justice School teaching military justice and criminal law.

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