Worldwide Military Defense

Korody Law brings 50+ years total military law experience to the table.  Our Navy and Marine Corps JAG veteran lawyers have successfully represented members of the military facing court-martial or other adverse personnel action across the globe.  Our clients praise our personal attention and commitment to what matters most – a successful outcome of the case.

State and Federal Criminal Defense

Founding Attorney and Navy JAG veteran Patrick Korody is a former Special Assistant United States Attorney, state prosecutor, and military defense counsel and prosecutor.  He is capital (death penalty) qualified in the State of Florida.  He has represented clients in state and federal courts in and around Jacksonville, Florida since 2015.  


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Worldwide Military Defense

Our attorneys have the experience, training, and skills to ensure your rights as a member of the military and as a citizen of the United States are protected.  We have decades of experience on active duty defending and prosecuting members of the military and advising commanders on how to dispose of misconduct.  Mr. Korody is one of the elite few who have been certified by the Judge Advocate General as a Specialist in Military Justice Litigation.  He also is one of the few lawyers in the country to meet the qualifications to handle capital (death penalty) cases.   Our attorneys have handled hundreds of General and Special Courts-Martial, Article 32 Preliminary Hearings, Non-Judicial Punishment (Article 15) hearings and appeals, administrative separation hearings and appeals, and security clearance hearings and appeals. 

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You Can't Afford NOT To Hire An Experienced Military Defense Attorney.

If you are facing court-martial, administrative separation, ROTC disenrollment, or loss of a security clearance, your reputation, career, and future opportunities are at stake.

There are no second chances.
You need a lawyer who will fight for you right now.

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50+ years military law experience

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When our clients are in trouble with the law or the military, they know we have the background, experience, and skills necessary to successfully handle even the most complex cases.

Our clients praise our personal attention, expertise, responsiveness, and compassion.

Aggressive. Intelligent. Motivated to Win.

What Resources Have You Dedicated To Secure Your Innocence?

The government has an army working to convict you.  

Korody Law levels the battleground by bringing unmatched experience and skill to the courtroom.

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Jacksonville State and Federal Criminal Defense

Mr. Korody has represented clients in State and Federal Court in and around Jacksonville, Florida since 2015.  He has represented clients facing all charges including DUI, petit theft, racing, armed robbery, burglary, rape, sexual assault, bank fraud, wire fraud, drug distribution, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and first degree capital murder.  From traffic tickets to drug charges and the most violent crimes, Mr. Korody zealously fights for his clients.  Mr. Korody is a former state, military, and federal prosecutor with two decades of criminal law experience.

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