Adultery allegations in the military, without any other misconduct, are normally dealt with at non-judicial punishment (NJP, Captain’s Mast, Office Hours, Article 15).  Many members of the military believe that consensual sexual intercourse with or by a married person with another not his or her spouse is enough for the military to pursue the […]


DEFENSE OFFICE OF HEARINGS AND APPEALS NOTICE OF HEARING INDUSTRIAL SECURITY CLEARANCE (ISCR) Hearings Scheduled in Jacksonville, FL in July 2016 The Department of Defense, Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA) recently issued the Notice of Hearing to all security clearance applicants in the Jacksonville, FL area who have pending hearings for July 2016.  […]

Should I hire a civilian attorney for my board of inquiry?

Military Officers in the Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Army, and Coast Guard will be provided a military JAG lawyer, free of charge, to represent him or her at a a Board of Inquiry (BOI).  A BOI is similar to an enlisted administrative separation board, with one key difference: a members vote for retention closes […]

Should I hire an attorney to fight a traffic ticket?

People think that hiring an attorney to handle a traffic ticket is a waste of money.  Nothing could be farther from the truth. Korody Law charges $120 to handle a Jacksonville traffic ticket in most cases.  That is in addition to any fine or court costs that could otherwise be imposed.   So, in the short […]

The Military Will Never Admit Its Urinalysis Program Is Flawed

The military’s urinalysis program is institutional – and there is institutional resistance to believing that it is fallible; that is, until it’s you who is pulled into an office and read your Article 31b rights for a positive drug test. Although over the years there have been numerous instances where military drug labs have sent […]

Possession of child pornography, child erotica, and other sexualized images of children under Article 134, UCMJ

While updating my book, Trying the Military Case: Court-Martial Advocacy, I spent some time reviewing recent developments in court-martial litigation over child pornography offenses in the military, which are charged under Article 134, UCMJ. In 2012, the President prescribed a child pornography offense under Article 134 prohibiting the possession, receipt, viewing, distribution, and production of […]

Security Clearance Hearings

Korody Law represents federal employees, military members, and federal contractors facing security clearance denials and revocations in and around Jacksonville, Florida. I recently completed a security clearance hearing in Jacksonville and was asked in the hallway by a pro se contractor from Blount Island, who was about to have a hearing, what he should do. […]

Article 32 Sexual Assault Defense

There has been much commentary in the military court-martial world about the benefit of representing a client before a preliminary hearing under Article 32, UCMJ, especially in a military sexual assault case. Congress changed the Article 32 process from an investigative hearing to a preliminary hearing in 2014, which was aimed to limit the ability […]

Should I hire an attorney for my adsep board?

  Members of the Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Army, and Coast Guard will be provided a military lawyer, free of charge, to represent him or her at an administrative separation board. If provided a lawyer by the military, should the member hire an experienced civilian military lawyer? Like many questions about the law, it […]

The Basics of Upgrading a Military Discharge

Characterization of military service is extremely important! A less than fully Honorable Discharge imposes significant limitations on veterans’ VA benefits entitlement and employment opportunities. There is a lot of misinformation that goes around such as an other-than-honorable discharge will be upgraded in six months automatically. That is simply not true! This is such a widespread […]