Personal Injury

Korody Law represents members of the military community injured by the negligence of others, including military authorities.

Korody Law represents members of the military community in personal injury and Federal Tort Claims: active duty, reserve, national guard, dependents, and retirees.

Is a personal injury case for a military person different?

Absolutely.  First, injuries may impact the ability to perform military duties, deploy, or continue to serve.  Second, for all members of the military community covered by Tricare, there is a federal law that permits the government to assert a claim on any settlement agreement or otherwise pursue reimbursement from the individual for treatment costs associated with an accident.  Not all personal injury lawyers understand this process, which if mishandled could result in the insured owing Tricare or medical providers payment.  Third, military medical providers may not be best situated to treat injuries from, for example, a car crash.  However, it can be difficult to navigate and obtain approval for treatment by a civilian health care provider.



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Attorney Patrick Korody is a former Judge Advocate.  He spent 10 years on active duty and now serves in the Navy Reserve.  He understands military life, the benefits, and how the military health care system works.   He is uniquely situated to handle the complexities associated with a personal injury case for members of the military community.