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Attorney Patrick Korody and his team have been representing security clearance applicants and holders since 2008

In an Industrial Security Clearance Review (ISCR) case before the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA), Korody Law obtained a withdraw of the Statement of Reasons (SOR) prior to a hearing before the security clearance judge.  The applicant worked for a major defense contractor and failed to file nearly of a decade of federal taxes on time.   The SOR for Guideline F  concerns came after the applicant was interviewed by an investigator and answered two sets of interrogatories from the DCSA Consolidated Adjudication Services (CAS) formerly known as the Department of Defense Consolidated Adjudications Facility (DOD CAF). 

Korody Law was retained after the applicant received what is known as the Department Counsel (DC) mailing.  This is a letter from the attorney akin to a prosecutor who argues to the judge that the clearance should be denied.  It includes the materials the attorney intends to present at the hearing.

Once retained, Korody Law reviewed all of the materials and discussed with the now client his tax situation and how to mitigate the security clearance Guideline F concerns.  Eight weeks later, prior to the security clearance hearing being scheduled, Korody Law presented a comprehensive package to the DC and requested the SOR be withdrawn.  The DC reviewed the additional materials and argument presented by Korody law and withdrew the SOR, granting the client’s clearance.

In another ISCR case before the DOHA, Korody Law was retained by a PhD engineer working for a major defense contractor who received a Statement of Reasons (SOR) for Guideline H due to extensive recreational marijuana use.  The applicant had been interviewed by a security clearance investigator and responded to CAS interrogatories verifying his drug use. 

Once retained, Korody Law reviewed all of the materials and discussed with the now client his drug use and how to mitigate the security clearance Guideline H concerns.  The hearing was scheduled and Korody Law was fully prepared to proceed before the DOHA security clearance judge.  Prior to the hearing, Korody Law disclosed the required witnesses and exhibits on its client’s behalf and discussed withdrawing the case with the Department Counsel (DC).  The DC reviewed the client’s exhibits and the arguments presented by Korody Law.  The DC believed that the concerns were mitigated and the withdrew the SOR, granting the clearance.

On behalf of an active duty servicemember who had been arrested for a sex offense that was later dismissed by state prosecutors and not pursued by military authorities, Korody Law sucessfully mitigated a Letter of Intent (LOI) to Revoke Eligibility for Acess to Classified Information including Secured Compartmented Information.   Korody Law requested a much-needed extension of time to respond and worked with the client to obtain all of the necessary evidence for a successfull outcome, including a psychological evaluation. Importantly, Korody Law provided evidence that the prosecutors dismissed the case for lack of evidentiary merit and the rehabilitative actions taken by the client and worked to secure the full support of the members chain of command.

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