Security Clearance Guideline B – Foreign Influence

Security Clearance Guideline B: Foreign Influence  The Security Adjudicative Guidelines (often referred to collectively as “The Guidelines”) are outlined in Security Executive Agent Directive 4 (SEAD 4). They have been adopted within the U.S. Government as the primary source for determining security clearance eligibility. Guideline B of the security clearance Guidelines specifically addresses concerns surrounding …

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How to Respond to a Statement of Reasons

Responding to a Security Clearance Statement of Reasons (SOR) handling security clearancecases since 2009 A Statement of Reasons (SOR) is a document informing a security clearance applicant or holder that a preliminary decision has been made to deny or revoke a security clearance. This Article focuses heavily on Department of Defense (DoD) contractor Industrial Security …

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Enlisted Administrative Separation Lawyer

How to FightEnlisted Administrative Separation what is an enlisted administrative separation board? An enlisted administrative separation board (also called a chapter board or adsep hearing) is a formal legal proceeding where a hearing panel of three members determines whether the military member should be separated from the military service. The board normally takes place in …

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