Military Protective Orders and Military No Contact Orders

10 U.S. Code § 1567a is titled “Mandatory notification of issuance of military protective order to civilian law enforcement.” This provision was enacted as part of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act in response to reports that civilian law enforcement were unaware of and could not enforce military protective orders (MPOs) issued by military commanders.  …

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COVID 19 and Military Justice

Korody Law continues to handle administrative separation boards, boards of inquiry, Article 32 Preliminary Hearings, pretrial confinement initial review officer hearings (IRO hearings), courts-martial (Special Courts-Martial and General Courts-Martial), and security clearances, even after the military has implemented its restrictions on travel and social distancing measures.  We have had some courts-martial charges dismissed without prejudice …

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Understanding Military Discharges and VA Benefits

For enlisted military personnel, there are 6 possible characterization of discharge upon separation from the military.  They are Entry Level Separation (ELS) Honorable (HON) General (under honorable conditions) (GEN) Other Than Honorable (OTH or uOTH) Bad Conduct Discharge (BCD) Dishonorable Discharge (DD) Bad Conduct Discharges and Dishonorable Discharges may only be given as a result …

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UCMJ Article 32 Preliminary Hearing Defense

In 2014, a substantial change in the UCMJ took place.  The mandatory proceeding under UCMJ Article 32 prior to referral of charges for trial by General Court-Martial transitioned from an “investigation” to a “preliminary hearing.”  The primary motive for the change was the extensive cross-examination of complaining witnesses in military sexual assault cases.  Under the …

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