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Attorney Patrick Korody is a former Navy JAG dedicated to providing superior legal representation to members of the Jacksonville military community.  He is the only civilian attorney in the Jacksonville area who was certified by the Judge Advocate General of the Navy as a Specialist in military justice litigation.  As a civilian military lawyer, he represents clients at NJP, Article 32 hearings, Special Court-Martial, General Court-Martial, and administrative separation boards.

If you are accused of something you didn’t do – or the military has exaggerated what actually happened – you need legal firepower.  Korody Law is outside the system.  As a civilian military lawyer, he brings superior experience and knowledge – more than 10 years of litigation (trial) experience.  He has handled hundreds of military cases.  He is not beholden to the command or the military.  He not looking for his next promotion or next set of orders.   He is hired to do one thing – fight for his client, and win.

When you are accused of a crime by the military, you should know two things.  First, the military will turn on you.  If you think that because you were previously in the good graces of your CPO or NCO you’ll be “fine,” you are wrong.  To be accused is to lose.  Superiors will separate themselves from you.  Peers will trash you to gain an advantage.  Your commander will send you to trial or move to separate you just because it’s easier than finding the allegations to be baseless.  And, with one misstep, that is how you lose your career and VA benefits and suffer the other consequences of being convicted of a crime.

Second, military defense counsel for the most part are junior JAGs.  They often won’t help you until you are formally charged.  You can’t call them in the middle of the night when NCIS or CID shows up at your door wanting to search your house or barracks room.  They have a commanding officer.  They have to worry about a service reputation and a next set of orders.

When so much is at stake, do you really want to take a chance with an inexperienced lawyer?  Or, do you want someone in your corner who has fought the fight, and won?

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Patrick Korody represents military clients at NJP, Article 32 hearings, Special CourtMartial, General CourtMartial, and adsep boards.

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