COVID 19 and Military Justice

Korody Law continues to handle administrative separation boards, boards of inquiry, Article 32 Preliminary Hearings, pretrial confinement initial review officer hearings (IRO hearings), courts-martial (Special Courts-Martial and General Courts-Martial), and security clearances, even after the military has implemented its restrictions on travel and social distancing measures.  We have had some courts-martial charges dismissed without prejudice […]

Air Force Letter of Reprimand

The Air Force and Army by instruction have the ability to issue Letters of Reprimand without an Article 15, UCMJ (nonjudicial punishment proceeding).  The Air Force characterizes a Letter of Reprimand as an administrative tool to correct rather than punish behavior, even though a Letter of Reprimand will have a lasting impact on the military […]

Understanding Military Discharges and VA Benefits

For enlisted military personnel, there are 6 possible characterization of discharge upon separation from the military.  They are Entry Level Separation (ELS) Honorable (HON) General (under honorable conditions) (GEN) Other Than Honorable (OTH or uOTH) Bad Conduct Discharge (BCD) Dishonorable Discharge (DD) Bad Conduct Discharges and Dishonorable Discharges may only be given as a result […]

Best Military Sexual Assault Defense

Patrick Korody handled his first Article 120 UCMJ case in 2006.  For the last 10 years, he has been on the front-lines of the military’s war on sexual assault.  And, he has seen its casualties – countless good Sailors, Soldiers, Marines, Airman, and Coastguardsmen who have had their lives ruined based on nothing more than […]

UCMJ Article 32 Preliminary Hearing Defense

In 2014, a substantial change in the UCMJ took place.  The mandatory proceeding under UCMJ Article 32 prior to referral of charges for trial by General Court-Martial transitioned from an “investigation” to a “preliminary hearing.”  The primary motive for the change was the extensive cross-examination of complaining witnesses in military sexual assault cases.  Under the […]

Security Clearance Lawyer – Guideline F: Failure To File Taxes

What is Guideline F? Guideline F is from the National Security Adjudicative Guidelines (Security Executive Agent Directive 4 of 8 June 2017). Guideline F concerns are “Financial Considerations.” More Info The Failure to file State and Federal Taxes. The failure to file taxes or to files those taxes on-time raises the Guideline F concern because […]

Florida Security Clearance Lawyer

Korody Law has handled dozens of security clearances from San Diego, California to Washington, DC to Key West, Florida to Pensacola, Florida.  We pride ourselves on being Florida’s top security clearance law firm.  We are a local Florida law firm.  Mr. Korody started his law practice in Jacksonville, Florida after leaving active duty in the […]

Clinical Adverse Actions for Military Healthcare Providers

Korody Law has handled countless clinical adverse actions for members of the Army, Navy, and Air Force medical corps and contractors and civil service healthcare providers at military treatment facilities.  Our goal is to protect the provider’s privileges, reputation, and license. As of October 1, 2019, all clinical adverse actions – from suspension through reporting […]

Compelling Cell Phone Passwords So the Police Can Get into the Phone

In State, Federal, and Military Courts, almost every case now involves a smart phone: phone logs, text messages, photos, contacts, email…. you name it, and the police want access to the treasure-trove of information on the phone.  There are so many legal issues when it comes to searches of smart phones – vague and overbroad […]

Summary Courts-Martial

A summary court-martial, especially after January 1, 2019, isn’t really a court-martial at all.  Effective January 1, 2019, as part of the Military Justice Act of 2016, a summary court-martial finding of guilty can never be a criminal conviction.  Prior to this amendment to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), states, who are the […]