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Patrick Korody, Attorney

Florida based Attorney Patrick Korody is a former military, state, and federal prosecutor. He served close to a decade on active duty in the JAG Corps where he was designated a Military Justice Litigation Specialist by the Judge Advocate General of the Navy. He practices criminal law in state and federal courts and all aspects of military law including court-martial defense and administrative separation defense.  Learn more about Mr. Korody.


Mr. Korody routinely engages contract investigators - predominantly former federal special agents - to investigate, conduct witness interviews, and collect evidence on behalf of his clients.   While many attorneys wait and rely on the government's investigators to provide them evidence,  the Korody Law team takes the offensive, often building a strategic advantage over the opposition.



Korody Law, P.A. 118 W. Adams Street, Suite 500, Jacksonville, FL 32202 - (904) 383-7261

Jacksonville FL Military Lawyer Patrick Korody handles personal injury, criminal defense, and military law issues including court-martial, security clearance revocation, security clearance denied, security clearance suspended. Jacksonville Florida Mayport Kings Bay NAS Jacksonville NAS JAX Naval Station Mayport Patrick Air Force Base Charleston Naval Weapons Station NAS Key West NAS Pensacola NAS Whiting Field Criminal Defense Lawyer. Criminal Defense Attorney former JAG lawyer provides services to Navy Air Force Marine Corps Army military members. Court-Martial Court Martial Courtmartial adsep boi security clearance revoked security clearance suspended. Military member DUI in Jacksonville, FL. Military sexual assault defense lawyer: sexual contact, rape, indecent assault, child pornography possession. Under investigation by NCIS? Call us. NJP appeals. Administrative Separation Boards. Military trial attorney. Civilian counsel for military members. Offices located on Mayport Road.